Located in the heart of downtown Billings, Craft Local is the new cultural hub of Montana Ave.

Craft Local is a new non-profit that provides artists with the space to show their works, musicians the space to charm their audiences, and a one of a kind bar to quench your thirst with some of the best local brews and wine around.

Our goal is to foster, educate, support and develop the LOCAL Arts, Music, and Cultural Activities in Billings Montana.

This is what we mean:

FOSTER: We are here to encourage artisans of all types, while aiding in the promotion of such artists/craftsman and the like.

EDUCATE: We provide various art/craft/music classes to the public, in order to help grow the culture in Billings. Thus providing a new, deeper meaning to Montana Ave.

SUPPORT: Check our stage! You just never know what hidden talent will emerge any night of the week. Our walls are adorned with LOCAL artists that you won't find in any other gallery space in Billings. We have a special place for all you school aged folks too! 

DEVELOP: Our artists are not alone. We are here to help them develop themselves, their businesses, and grow their passion into a lifelong career.






2413 Montana Ave
Billings, MT 59101



Tues.-Thur.  4:30 pm-9:00 pm

Fri. & Sat.     4:00 pm-10:30 pm


Christine Blaylock

Beauty in Darkness                               Petrified #2                                       Petrified #3           

Dawson Schraudner

Ghost Mare                                         Rotary Fighter                                     Banjo

Emily Davidson

Buffalo Priestess                                  She Likes You                                    Your Guide, the Octupus

Greg Hogan

Geese in Flight                                     Watchful Warrior Hawk                    On the Street                                     Solitude

Jan Spencer

Blue Festival                                        Purple Mountains Majesty

Jordan Hoagland

Coffee Table                                         End Table

Joseph Vance

Blind Faith                                           Forbidden Lovers                               Breath of Creation

Juliet Parks

A Walk in the Woods                                                                           Isle (set of 2)

Katherine Jore

Language of Nature                           Slice of Heaven

Kelley Partridge

Rooster                                                Sugar Skull

Lee Walker

In the Saddle                                       Sandhill Cranes                                   Gold Digger

Leslie Shier

Hot Molton Mirror                                  MT Dolomite Soapstone              Prairie Wind

Lisa Heather

Celtic Pride                                          I'll Fly Away                                        It Happened One Winter

Lindsey Junkins

Horses                                                  Rainbow Trout

Marteann Bertrand
Montana Summer                              Dream Flowers

Meg Star

Faith                                                     Forgiveness                                        Nap Time                                            Call of Fall

Megan Boschert

Drinkin' Dark Whiskey                        Paint it Black                                        Peacemaker                                      Post

Nathan Satran

Girl Overlooking Downtown              Downtown                                           Phantom on 27th

Paul Stutterheim

Chains                                                  Montana                                                  Pearl Jam                                        Taking Shape

Robert Bertrand

   The Great Buddah                           Kumamoto Castle                              Moor Doors    

Terri Porta

Stand Off

On Stage.jpg

Wednesday & Thursday, August 16th & 17th, 6-9 pm, Open Mic Night! 

Friday, August 18th  8-10 pm,  LIVE MUSIC  Singer/Songwriter  Jessica Lechner. Come Join Us for Great Music, Local Art and MT Craft Brews and Wine

Saturday, August 19th  8-10 pm,  LIVE MUSIC Singer/Songwriter  Ben MckeeJoin Us for some Great Music, Local Art and MT Craft Brews and Wine


Wednesday & Thursday, August 23rd - 24th, 6-9 pm, Open Mic Night!

Friday August 25th 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC  Folk music blended with Indie Rock  Pablo Bonilla  Great Music, Local Art, MT Craft Beer and Wine.

Saturday, August 26th 8-10 pm, LIVE MUSIC Singer/Songwriter Cris Barham. Come on down and support your LOCAL Artists!


Wednesday & Thursday, August 30th & 31st 6-9 pm, Open Mic Night!

Friday September 1st 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC  Jodie Johnston & Brian Zoller  Great Music, Local Art, MT Craft Beer and Wine

Saturday September 2nd 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC  Folk-Blues-Alternative Country  Jarret Kostrba  Great Music, Local Art, MT Craft Beer and Wine


Wednesday & Thursday, September 6th & 7th, 6-9 pm, Open Mic Night!

Friday September 8th TWO SHOWS  LIVE MUSIC  6:30-8:30pm Singer/Songwriter Ben McKee,   9:00-11:00pm  El Wencho

Great LOCAL Music, Art, Brews and Wine

Saturday September 9th 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC   Indie-Folk-Alternative Style  Singer/Songwriter  Mandie Castro  Great Music, Local Art, MT Craft Beers and Wine


Wednesday & Thursday September 13th & 14th 6-9pm Open Mic Night!

Friday September 15th 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC  Ticker Tape Parade (pending)

Saturday September 16th 8-10pm LIVE MUSIC  Troy Owens


Wednesday & Thursday September 20th & 21st 6-9pm  Open Mic Night!

Friday September 22nd

Saturday September 23rd


Wednesday & Thursday September 27th & 28th 6-9pm  Open Mic Night!

Friday September 29th

Saturday September 30th